shiatsu anma massage

Using the diagnostic tools of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tara assesses the needs of her client at the beginning of each treatment session and designs the session to address those specific needs.






A member of the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia, Tara Simpson Huie has been practicing Shiatsu Anma bodywork since 1997. With its roots in Japanese massage techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu Anma is a non-invasive form of therapeutic bodywork. Shiatsu or finger pressure and Anma to soothe with the hands join in a technique in which the Shiatsu practitioner uses fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply focused pressure to the client's body at acupuncture points and along meridians.

In addition to applying pressure to specific parts of the body, the practitioner also uses kneading, tapping, stretching and joint rotation to encourage the optimal balance of vital life energy or chi in the client. Clients remain clothed in loose fitting, comfortable clothing throughout the treatment session.

Both a preventive and restorative therapy, Shiatsu Anma is especially effective for the treatment of muscular and joint pain, repetitive stress injury and mobility issues. In general, it encourages and supports a sense of physical and emotional well being.